Blog – Inside the Phone Room

Each month we’ll take you inside the phone room of the Men’s Referral Service to give you the inside perspective from a trained Telephone Referral Worker (TRW). Our TRWs speak to hundreds of men a week that use family violence and experience family violence.

28 November 2017
Violence against women is a men’s issue
While the overwhelming majority of family violence consists of (heterosexual) men using violence toward current or former women partners, it is common to hear disclaimers that the majority of men do not use violent behaviour.

9 October 2017
Anger Management is not a Men’s Behaviour Change Program
Through the Men’s Referral Service we speak to a lot of men in a wide variety of family and relationship contexts with a range of challenges and issues that arise.

27 September 2017
Power, Privilege and Defensiveness: The Blind Spots In How We Understand Family Violence
Over the last five years as a family violence counsellor, I’ve had a lot of conversations about violence.

15 August 2017
Entitlement and Status: A perfect storm
Family violence dynamics within religious communities has been the focus of much public discussion, following the ABC’s investigation on the issue.

20 July 2017
How violence on field opens the door to violence off field.
Chris Judd, AFL legend and man of good character, wrote a comment piece for The Age in the wake of a number of incidents of physical violence on the football field that were well outside the realm of a contact sport.

22 June 2017
Is saying you’re a nice guy getting in the way of being a nice guy?
On the phone with men who use forms of family violence, I consistently hear them tell me they are “not a bad guy” and that they are “a nice guy”. At times…

25 May 2017
Working with men who have experienced family violence
Working as a family violence telephone operator, a portion of the work I do is responding to referrals for men who have experienced forms of family violence from a family member or partner. Quite often, I’m asked…

26 April 2017
Taking Responsibility: the barriers we put up that get in the way of the relationships we want
Working as a family violence telephone operator I speak with hundreds of men from many different relationship and life contexts. When I speak to men that have chosen to behave in a way that causes problems…

5 March 2017
5 lessons learned from speaking with men who use family violence
For the past few years I’ve worked as a family violence counsellor, speaking with hundreds of men from all walks of life who have used many different forms of abusive, controlling behaviours toward partners…