Minimum Standards

The objective of the NTV Minimum Standards for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs is to ensure that all programs reflect good practice and are safe and effective in working with men who use family violence to change their behaviour.

While there is room for variation in the methods and approaches adopted by individual program providers, the Minimum Standards set benchmarks that apply to all programs and ensure that women and children are not at increased risk as a result of men’s participation in Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs).

Versions of these have been adopted in New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Queensland. Our Minimum Standards have also supported the work of South Australian based Kornar Winmil Yunti (KWY) and Cross Borders Training.

The Minimum Standards are currently under review in Victoria, following recommendation 91 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

For more information about the current Minimum Standards for men’s behaviour change work in your state, please contact us.

Quality assurance

Compliance with the Standards currently involves a process managed by NTV. It is a requirement within funding agreements with the Victorian Government for delivery of Men’s Behaviour Change Programs that the provider is a member of NTV and adheres to the requirements of the Minimum Standards.

We require our members to comply with the Minimum Standards as a condition of membership, and handle complaints regarding potential non-compliance. Where there is a potential breach of the Minimum Standards, NTV will undertake an independent audit and may cancel or suspend membership.