Be the best man

During COVID-19, No To Violence is looking to start an important conversation from men to men on the fact that domestic and family violence is not OK, not now, not ever.

We are asking you to help start the conversation

We are looking for ways to communicate to all men how they have a role in preventing domestic or family violence.

Men listen to community leaders at times like these, but they also listen to their mates, especially when their mate is there to help them.

We are hoping you will reach into your network and ask that men help each other to prevent domestic and family violence.

What we need from you

We are asking men to record a very short video (approx. 20 – 30 seconds) to their smart phone or computer, using the messages below. The videos should be taken in landscape format as per below.

Messages to include – or adapt to what suits you

  • There is no excuse for domestic and family violence, not now in this coronavirus crisis, not ever.
  • If you are concerned about your behaviour, you can get support.
  • The Men’s Referral Service talks to men when they reach out for help to change. Call them on 1300 766 491.
  • You might not know me, but I want you to hear me: #Noexcuses – be the best man you can be, violence is never OK. There is always a choice. Help is available.
  • Tell your mates, share this now, ask for help and let’s all be our best.

We then ask that you share this video via your social media using @ntvorg #noexcuses #bethebestman #keepingmyfamilysafe, let us know that you have posted and if you are comfortable to us resharing your content please email the video to or text it to 0402 303 555

If you have a question please contact: