Men’s Behaviour Change Network NSW

Who are we?

The Men’s Behaviour Change Network (MBCN) of NSW consists of representatives from Men’s Behaviour Change Program providers from across the state who have met the NSW Practice Standards for Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Programs. Providers who meet the standards or who are working towards the Standards, and other practitioners and organisations who work with men who use family violence, are welcome to attend its meetings.

View the NSW Practice Standards for Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Programs, here.

Our Vision

A community free of Domestic and Family Violence.

Our Aim

To collaborate with Government and non-Government agencies to respond effectively to men who use violent and abusive behaviour toward family members to enhance safety for their partners and children.


1. To promote and ensure the safety of women and children remains the focus of working with men who use violence.

2. To become an integral part of a service network where all agencies work together to provide an integrated, systemic response that increases victim safety and accountability of men who use violent and abusive behaviour.

3. To advocate for men to take responsibility for their behaviour and to assist service providers to support men to stop using violent and abusive behaviour in domestic and family relationships.

4. To have a sustained commitment to professional and evidence based practice that will inform our approach to domestic and family violence responses.

5. To provide programs that respond to the diverse needs of participants and their partners which meet the Minimum Standards for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs).

What is a men’s behaviour change program?

“Men’s Behaviour Change Programs are for men who have been violent and controlling toward a current or former partner and are now starting to think about change. Participants talk, share information, challenge and support each other to be better men, partners, and fathers.”

No to Violence

Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs) are predominantly group-based programs and services that focus on working with perpetrators to enable them to recognise their violent behaviour and develop strategies to stop them from using violence.

MBCPs typically involve assessment, including risk assessment, and then:

  • Group work, individual counselling and case management for men.
  • Support, information, referral, safety planning and (in some cases) counselling and case management for women and children.

MBCPs are not self-help processes. MBCPs required trained workers with professional supervision and accountability and should only exist if they meet the Minimum Standards for Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Programs.

Towards Safe Families: A practice guide for men’s domestic violence behaviour change programs


The Men’s Behaviour Change Network recognises the gendered nature of domestic and family violence and works within a feminist framework that calls for men who are abusive to take responsibility for their use of violence and abuse and for a system to be accountable to the overall safety of women and children.

“Men’s behavioural (and attitudinal) change can be conceptualised as one of a number of strategic objectives towards the fundamental aim of… safety, wellbeing, human rights and dignity of women, children and others affected by men’s use of violence.”

NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice, 2012.

“Programs for perpetrators who may not have had contact with the criminal justice system are offered by a range of non-government organisations within the community.”

It Stops Here- The NSW Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Framework for Reform.