About the Men’s Behaviour Change Network NSW

The Men’s Behaviour Change Network NSW was formed in 2013 in response to the introduction of NSW Minimum Standards for Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Programs in 2012. The network comprises of the NSW Accredited MBCP providers and their practitioners. The Network has proactively engaged in sector development and provided feedback to government agencies through their own organisational membership and through the Network.

In 2017 Women NSW funded No To Violence to provide sector development to the men’s domestic and family violence sector in NSW, as a peak body specialising in men’s domestic and family violence intervention and prevention. No to Violence will provide secretariat to and advocate on behalf of the Network.

No to Violence represent the men’s family violence sector in New South Wales on a number of government and non-government committees working to improve responses to family violence:

  • ACON Domestic Violence Advisory Committee, NSW
  • Criminal Justice Reforms Round Table, NSW
  • DVNSW Policy Advisory Committee, NSW
  • Education Centre Against Violence Graduate Certificate Committee, NSW
  • Expert Panel for Common Dynamic Risk Assessment, NSW
  • Men’s Behaviour Change Network, NSW
  • NSW Women’s Alliance, NSW
  • South West Alliance, NSW