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2019-2020 Victorian State Budget: Summary and Analysis

The 2019-2020 Victorian State Budget continues to reflect the Labor Government’s approach to investment and economic stability, with surpluses over the forward estimates providing the foundation to deliver on the range of transport, education, health and environmental commitments made in the lead up to the 2018 State Election.

Whilst Victoria is still operating within the context of the headline levels of funding from the 2017-2018 Budget, No to Violence welcomed the additional investment of $185 million in family violence. As much of the funding to expand and diversify the range of interventions offered through the specialist men’s family violence sector comes to an end, No to Violence was particularly pleased to see $85 million earmarked to continue perpetrator programs over the next four years.

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Analysis of the Safer Pathway Report

Safer Pathway is a key initiative under the NSW Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Blueprint for Reform 2016-2021. Led by Women NSW, the system-wide, multi-agency infrastructure for domestic and family violence victims has been implemented by the Department of Justice since 2014. Safer Pathway aims to provide tailored and coordinated referral pathways to victims of domestic and family violence throughout the state of New South Wales, based on needs and level of risk.

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No to Violence NSW Far West & Upper West NSW Consultation Report

This report explores No to Violence’s collaboration with KPMG on a supply and demand project, which highlights the immense need for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs) in the far and upper west regions of NSW.

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Australian Government Australian Institute of Family Studies Australian Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Network: Data report 2018

This report provides detailed data on intimate partner homicides that have occurred across Australia between 2010 and 2014.

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Victorian State Budget: Summary & Analysis 2018-19

Sentencing Advisory Council

A report released by the Sentencing Advisory Council calls for a stronger response by Victoria’s courts and corrections systems to family violence offenders. The report recommends a range of reforms to increase the accountability of family violence offenders who breach a community correction order or who are identified as having an increased risk of a breach.

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Support and Safety Hubs: Statewide Concept July 2017

Victorian State Budget: Summary & Analysis 2017-18