Minimum Standards

In 1994, No to Violence developed the Minimum Standards for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs (MBCPs) so that all programs reflected good practice and were safe and effective in working with men who used family violence. The standards were updated once in 1996, and widely used to guide the practice of MBCP providers funded by the Victorian State Government.

In 2017, the Victorian Government (Family Safety Victoria), Monash University, No to Violence and its MBCP members, initiated a review of the standards in order to adapt them to the current practice environment; particularly the need to lengthen programs, align them to Information Sharing changes, and cater to a more diverse cohort of men.

Family Safety Victoria has now released the new Minimum Standards for MBCPs. They have been distilled down into 10 key standards for MBCPs in Victoria, and will take effect from 1 July 2018. No to Violence is currently writing a Practice Manual to accompany the new Minimum Standards, detailing how to practically implement these standards when working with men. The Practice Manual is due to be completed by 1 June 2018 and will be followed by training sessions across Victoria with all MBCP providers.

While there is room for variation in the methods and approaches adopted by individual program providers, the Minimum Standards set benchmarks that apply to all programs and ensure that women and children are not at increased risk as a result of men’s participation in MBCPs.

Versions of these have been adopted in New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Queensland. The Minimum Standards have also supported the work of South Australian based Kornar Winmil Yunti (KWY) and Cross Borders Training.

Please click here to view the 2018 Men’s Behaviour Change Minimum Standards

Please click here to view the 2018 Implementation guide: Men’s Behaviour Change Minimum Standards

Quality assurance

Compliance with the Standards currently involves a process managed by NTV. It is a requirement within funding agreements with the Victorian Government for delivery of Men’s Behaviour Change Programs that the provider is a member of NTV and adheres to the requirements of the Minimum Standards.

We require our members to comply with the Minimum Standards as a condition of membership, and handle complaints regarding potential non-compliance. Where there is a potential breach of the Minimum Standards, NTV will undertake an independent audit and may cancel or suspend membership.