Workforce development team update

Watch this space!  We are currently updating our website to provide further information and registration processes. All NTV training can be conducted online through webinar series or can be booked for face to face training delivery.  Our workforce development packages are designed to respond to the training needs for a wide range of professionals, including specialist men’s family violence workers and practitioners in the community, family, education and health sectors.

Introduction to Working with Men using Family Violence

The Introduction to Working with Men using Family Violence training is a foundational training experience for professionals to learn the ways in which men’s family violence is defined and understood. The training goes on to further develop practitioner skill and confidence in engaging men in the collaborative conversation about their use of abuse and violence

Everyday Conversations

NTV Everyday Conversations training consists of two key elements focused on the prevention of family violence and violence against women. The training provides foundational understandings of the gendered drivers associated with men’s violence against women and how these drivers underpin violence supportive attitudes, beliefs and actions. The training is delivered using respectful and non-shaming learning approaches to encourage participants to explore and develop insight into the impacts of harm on individuals, workplaces and communities.

Advanced Practice Series

No to Violence will be bringing an Advanced Practice Series that provides opportunities for the senior clinical practitioner in training experiences at a forensic level. Further information will be available online with topics covered that include:

  • Advanced and comprehensive risk assessment, risk analysis and court reporting
  • Discussing non-fatal strangulation as a key risk indicator with men using family violence
  • The link between suicidality and homicide – how do we engage with men in a complex conversation about dangerous thinking patterns?
  • Compassion Fatigue and Professional Burnout
  • Providing supervision in the behavioural change context – supporting practitioners in maintaining the gendered lens in the cofacilitation dynamic.

The Advanced Practice Series brings the best of specialists to the human service workforce to provide unique and pragmatically focused learning that will add significant value to secondary consults, the supervision environment and contribute to the paramount need to reduce harm to women and children impacted by high risk family violence.