Calling all Workplaces:

  • How is your organisation confronting the complex issue of family violence?
  • Are the right responses and systems in place to educate and respond to family violence?
  • Expert training and advice in dealing with these challenges can help your employees, your culture and your organisation.

The complex issue of men’s behaviour and family violence cost the Australian economy $21.7 billion annually.

Each week one woman die in Australia as a result of family violence and it is only through collaboration across different segments of our community and industry that we can end men’s family violence.

Workplaces can lead the way in practice, policy and support to help end men’s family violence.

And we can help.

No to Violence works with organisations to provide training and support; policy advice, organisational and culture development; as well as support in responding to ethical challenges and issues.

By proactively taking up this commitment to social responsibility, your organisation can help keep women and children safe, while creating a safer workplace.


No to Violence can work with your organisation to provide:

  • Specialist advice to help your organisation better understand the impact of family violence on staff and customers
  • Needs and goals analysis – working with your Executives; Diversity and Inclusion and/or HR Team to identify the goals your organisation would like to achieve, while aligning with your organisational culture.
  • Development of workplace family violence policy
  • Advice on ensuring policies, procedures and practices can best support those affected by family violence and address the underlying attitudes that endorse violence against women and children
  • Workplace training 
  • Active Bystander Training
  • Advice and support to embed new skills and policies
  • 24/7 specialist telephone advice through the Men’s Referral Service
  • Advice on stakeholder communication and messaging

Value of Engagement

  • An understanding of the drivers of men’s family violence
  • Increased awareness across all levels of the organisation
  • Expert/specialist support for male employees using family violence, or are concerned about the behaviour of other male employees
  • Specialist support for staff who receive reports of men’s use of family violence
  • Joining the No to Violence network of organisations and members working together to end men’s family violence.

To find out how your organisation can take a proactive role to end men’s family violence, start your conversation today with Jean Sum – Growth and Partnerships Manager –