Accredited men’s behaviour change program providers of the MBCN NSW practice evidenced based work with men who use violence and abuse.

Individual practitioners draw from a range of research and resources to inform their work and reach optimal standards within the Minimum Standards for Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Programs.


Towards Safe Families: A practice guide for men’s domestic violence behaviour change programs

This practice guide helps program providers implement the NSW minimum standards. It provides examples of acceptable, optimal and unacceptable practices relating to the standards and how they might be put into practice.



Practice Standards for Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Programs

The standards encourage a partnership approach to the provision of behaviour change programs. Working with men’s violent and abusive behaviour includes a focus to support for women and children whose safety is paramount.



Compliance Framework for Men’s Behaviour Change Programs

The Compliance Framwork provides guidance to program providers on how they will be assessed and may be registered as compliant with the Practice Standards.