Reflective Practice

Series of 90 minute sessions

This training is suitable for: Community sector workers in client-facing roles. Pre-requisites: NTV 1 or 2 day Working with men who use family violence training

With a focus on critical reflection, these sessions strive to reinforce sustainable practice that is consistent with increasing safety and contributing to transformative change. The sessions also aim to provide ongoing support to practitioners on how theories and frameworks have been put into practice. By providing space to unpack, discuss, share experiences and challenges these sessions can provide support unique to practitioner’s personal and professional contexts.

The sessions are responsive to the needs of participants and what is coming up for them in their work contexts.  Examples of common themes that arise include:

  • Managing practitioner expectations
  • Working with clients ambivalent to change
  • Working with uncertainty and limited information
  • Practicing in line with our collective ethics
  • Challenges in creating critical dialogue
  • Creating and nurturing cultures of accountability within teams

Frequency and amount of these sessions can be tailored to meet your workplace’s needs.

Tailored training