We offer a range of high quality training packages which reflect our position as the only organisation in Australia specialising in responding to men’s family violence.

Our workforce development packages are designed to respond to the training needs for a wide range of professionals, including specialist men’s family violence workers and practitioners in the community, family, education and health sectors.

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NTV Training practitioner profiles

Tori Cooke
Head of Workforce Development

 Tori is a Senior Social Work Practitioner and a well-known specialist trainer in the field of family violence in Australia. She has delivered training and consultant advice to government, police, child protection, magistrate’s court and the family law environment. Tori has worked in a range of contexts at senior practice levels in Western Australia and Victoria.  

A seasoned court expert, Tori has a professional background in working with victim survivors in trauma therapy as well as assessing and facilitating men’s behaviour change programs. She has a specialist forensic interest in family violence homicide prevention and provides advice and secondary consults where risk has identified the use of lethal behaviours in the perpetrators pattern of coercive control.

Glenn Davies
Senior Training Practitioner

 Glenn has 30 years’ experience investigating and policing violent crime including family and sexual violence. He retired as a senior manager in Victoria Police in 2012, at the time, in charge of the state’s Sexual Crimes Squad. He commenced international development work as an Australian DFAT contractor designing and delivering gender equality and social inclusion planning and implementation for governments in the Asia Pacific region. His role specialised in policy and education for government departments located in PNG, Bougainville, Fiji, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Laos and Vietnam. Glenn led a team developing and implementing the Papua New Guinea, public service Gender Equity and Social inclusion policy from 2012 to 2015. 

From 2015-2017 Glenn worked as the gender equality advisor to the Minister of Women in the Fiji Government and coordinated the Fiji National Gender policy implementation. This work drove gender responsive change in organisational, societal and community settings.  

Glenn is proud to have worked closely with women’s services and in delivery of male advocacy to end violence against women training. Glenn’s role as a facilitator offered support and maintenance of whole of government networks of men wanting to implement change in their homes, communities, and workplaces. 

Glenn’s work has fostered collaborative leadership and effective teams to create strong and evidence-based gender equality disability and socially inclusive policy and transferring this to real actions and outcomes. 

After completing his Master of Education – Leadership Policy and change in 2012, Glenn has sought further professional development and specialty working as an accredited ‘Our Watch’ primary prevention of violence trainer in 2019 and now completing a Graduate Certificate in Client Assessment and Case Management – Men’s Behaviour Change programs. 

As a man working to facilitate change with men who have chosen to use violence, Glenn believes he can have an impact in the area of education and behaviour change programs. He has a strong belief that the accountability these programs provide will have an impact on ending men’s violence against women. He describes the invitation by women to work in this field as an honour especially when results demonstrate meaningful change and outcomes delivering happier and safer families and communities.

Michael Hail
Training Practitioner

 Michael has a range of knowledge around social inclusion topics. Originally from Scotland, his work experience includes coordinating projects challenging sectarianism, preventing violent extremism amongst young people and most recently reducing Gender Based Violence within communities. This work has taken place across Europe and further afield, including Malawi, Pakistan and China.

Michael holds a BA Hons in Community Education and is a member of the Community Learning and Development Standards Council for Scotland. He has held posts with local and national Government bodies, Police Scotland, national charities and as a freelance trainer. He is a keen sports fan and
enjoys travelling.

Jessica Maxwell
Training Practitioner

 Jessica is a Social Worker with a broad range of experience in the family violence and sexual assault sectors, most recently working at CASA House as a Counsellor/Advocate, Lead Trainer and Primary Prevention Worker. Prior to this Jessica has worked in the Family Violence team at Berry Street, Alice Springs Women’s Shelter, and Children’s Hope In Action in Vietnam. She also has a Master’s in International and Community Development and completed a research dissertation about international students’ experiences of sexual assault. Jessica is committed through her work at NTV to the elimination of Gender Based Violence.

Ron Speed
Training Practitioner

 Ron was born in Western Australia and has lived there for most of his life; he spent 7 years living in central Victoria working with high risk youth before returning to Western Australia in 2015.  He has had a varied career working both in Perth metro and regional centres in the south of Western Australia.  

Ron has a passion for education; with qualifications in nursing – neonatal critical care, paediatrics and mental health – sports psychology, visual arts and currently undertaking a Diploma of Theology just a few of the studies he has undertaken.   

In conjunction to his work in the community he is also a professional photographer with many awards for his work to his credit, his interest also lies in developing himself and others in
the craft, starting the Armadale Creative Photographic Arts Group
for professional and amateur photographers.